Get Involved, Get Trained – Summer, 2021

Here are some opportunities for participation that HLAA Central MA chapter has been asked to share:

  • Accessible Telecommunication Research Study (Deadline 7/23/2021)
  • Peer Mentoring Program (Deadline 8/1/2021)
  • Improving the Health Care System Survey
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Task Force Survey
  • Health Care Communication Access Email List

 Accessible Telecommunication Research Study (Deadline 7/23/2021)

Gallaudet University is currently running a research study on accessible telecommunications. Participant requirements include:

  • 18 years or older
  • can communicate with spoken English
  • possess a reliable internet connection, a computer, and headphones or direct connectivity

The goal for participants in this study is to engage in two 10 minute friendly conversations with a partner they do not know. After participants have been determined to be eligible, they will be sent another survey where, from a list, they will select topics they are comfortable having a conversation about. Participants will then be matched up based on common interests. We are flexible and will work with each participant to book a single 60-minute study session that works best with their schedule. Participants will also be compensated $25 at the completion of the study.

Survey link for those who want to participate:  Deadline for participation is Friday 7/23/2021.

Peer Mentoring Program (Deadline 8/1/2020)

We are currently looking for individuals who would be interested in participating as students in the next cohort of Gallaudet University’s Peer Mentoring program. This program, which commenced in 2005, is a two year- primarily online- certificate program, whereby deaf/Hard of Hearing adults are trained to become peer mentors to other adults with acquired hearing loss. We feel this is a very important and needed program, as it allows many hard of hearing individuals to talk to peers, who, in turn, may be able to provide them with important information and support pertaining to hearing related health care.

Tuition has been waived; the only costs to enrolling in the program- if accepted as a student- are the travel related costs for the closing weekend seminar- which will be held on campus at Gallaudet University (otherwise, the various courses will be conducted online).

For more information, email:   Application deadline is August 1st


Improving the Health Care System Survey

The Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center is seeking respondents who are age 60 or above, have age-related hearing loss and have seen a health care provider within the past two years to complete a 15-minute web survey on improving the way the health care system cares for your community.

Link for more information:

 Hearing Aid Compatibility Task Force Survey

The Hearing Aid Compatibility Task Force (HAC TF) is surveying adults who are hard of hearing, deaf, or have hearing loss to learn about their experience using voice telecommunications technology with assistive hearing technologies. Our goal is to better understand how such adults use current voice telecommunications technology and their accessibility needs.

To take this survey:

  1. You must be an adult, 18 years or older.
  2. You must have a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or personal sound amplification device.
  3. You must use voice telecommunications regularly (at least once a week) on a wireless phone.

In this survey, you will be asked questions about your hearing loss, your hearing device use, and your experiences using a wireless phone for personal and work-related calls. The Hearing Aid Compatibility Task Force (HAC TF) anticipates that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of your wireless phone use.

This is an anonymous, web-based survey hosted by Logit. No identifying information will be collected or attached to your responses in any way, however you may optionally provide contact information if you’d like to participate in future HAC TF studies.

Link for more information:


Health Care Communication Access Email List

The HLAA Communication Access in Healthcare Program is inviting HLAA leaders and chapter members to take up a call to action to raise awareness.  Recruit your health care providers and other stakeholders who may be in your networks (e.g., health care administrators, staff, and in-hospital personnel who communicate with the patient) to register to receive pdf. copies of the Health Care Communication Access column that appears regularly in Hearing Life Magazine.

Invite them to join the stakeholders email list:

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