We are under the umbrella of the national organization of Hearing Loss Association of America which is located in Bethesda, Maryland.

HLA-Central MA’s  purpose is to educate it members, their families and friends about the causes, nature and complications of hearing loss and what can be done to better cope with that loss. We hold four to five meetings a year at which we may have guest speakers on a variety of topics relating to hearing loss. At meetings everyone can  share their experiences coping with hearing loss.

We provide CART –Computer Aided Real Time Captioning – which is projected on to a large screen so that the participants can “hear what is being said in the meetings”

Meeting topics include accessibility, hearing aids, legislation, cochlear implants, tinnitus, captioning, assistive devices, state services, coping tips many more topics!

Before HLA-Central MA, many of our hard-of-hearing members felt isolated and found communication a struggle.

But HLA-Central MA is a place to find answers, ask new questions, and meet people who understand. HLA-Central MA is a resource for information and friendship.

Most meetings are held at the Northborough, MA library, and they are usually on a Saturday afternoon.  To be placed on the email distribution list for notices and other important announcements, email us at info@hearinglosscentralma.org.   We do not share your email with anyone.  Period.   Please consider signing up.

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  1. I think I’m coming into this organization by the back door!! I am working on my 2nd set of hearing aids. I have had a serious head injury and have a family disability. I wear Agils by Oticon and I have a streamer which is a God sent most of the time, but I can’t hear across the table at dinner, yes, the acustics are terrible, but I love people and the loss of hearing is now getting in the way. Even with the streamer & the telephone I want to cry. I’m hoping that you all can help.

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